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Website Content Writing

Get your website pages done and dusted with clear & crisp messaging using our web content writing services.

White Paper & Ebooks Writing

Boost trust & drive more qualified leads to your business with our research-rich white papers & ebooks.

Press Release Writing

Create a buzz for your business as our storytellers write memorable press releases that attract audience attention.

Case Study Writing

Want a success story out for your prospects? We will write immersive case studies to double your conversion rates.

Blog Writing

Attract top-of-the funnel visitors & more search engine traffic with our professional blog writing services.

SEO Copywriting

Create content that both ranks and appeals to human users with our premium SEO copywriting services.

Video Scripts Writing

Create powerful videos that attract a dedicate viewership to forward your brand with our video script writing services.

Email Copywriting

Launch your email campaigns in style with personalized email copies to boost open rate & conversions.

Conversion-Oriented Content Marketing Services

Build a unique online presence & start outsmarting your competitors

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The Capabilities of Our Content Marketing Services

Intensive Research

Our experts perform an extensive content audit to identify gaps and create the right content to generate traction.

Bullet-Proof Content Strategy

Our copywriters proceed with content creation only after identifying buyer personas and topics to command interest.

Stellar Design

We help you deliver your content via engaging visual formats with the aid of infographics, slides & more.

Ruthless Editing

Our professional copywriters never settle for ordinary content and perform edits until each word promises value.

Pivotal Publishing & Promotion

We will distribute your content across the right channels via timeless campaigns to drive traffic & leads.

Content Measurement & Analytics

Post publishing, we will monitor content performance metrics & modify content strategy with regular updates.

Our PinPoint Content Marketing Process

  • Identifying Business & Information Keywords
  • Crafting Target Buyer Persona
  • Defining a Short or Long form Content Strategy
  • Research & Ideation
  • Editorial Calendar Preparation
  • Full-Scale Content Creation
  • Editing & Designing to Perfection
  • Content Optimization
  • Content Publishing & Strategic Promotion
  • Measuring Content Performance

Client Results & CaseStudy

Frequently Asked Questions

As per recent research, content marketing generates 3X as many leads as outbound marketing while costing 62 percent less than traditional marketing. So, if you want your business to get quickly noticed on the web; our content marketing services at ESEO can make that happen without burning your pockets.
Every business requires audience trust to convert them into paying customers and content marketing does that in an effective manner. If you look at a typical conversion funnel, content marketing works at all stages namely Awareness, Consideration, and decision via different content collaterals to boost your conversions.
Yes, as you continue creating content that aims at solving user problems; you can land qualified leads for your business. However, the entire process is driven through multiple content types. For instance, blogs are good at creating awareness for your products while more long-form content such as ebooks and whitepapers are typical lead magnets. So, you need to produce both which we determine as part of your content strategy. We do both for you at ESEO solutions.
It completely depends on the type of business your are running- B2C or B2B. B2C users generally have shorter attention spans and are more fond of reading blogs and scrolling social media posts. B2B audience, on the other hand, is interested in conducting in-depth research before trying out any product; so whitepapers, case studies and PR is an effective way to attract them.
Again, the frequency of churning content depends on the reading habits of your audience. Certain businesses are better off with churning long form content twice a month while others require short form content every single day to keep users engaged. Therefore, we will decide an optimum frequency after studying your industry.
For most companies, the content strategy is all over the place with less or no focus on what they are trying to achieve. That’s why they find difficulty in measuring the efficacy of content marketing and give up too soon. That’s why at ESEO, we help small and medium businesses come up with a documented content strategy to stay on track and measure the metrics effectively.
There are different metrics that come to play when it comes to measuring content marketing. For instance, if you are trying to boost brand awareness; total traffic, shares and bounce rate can be a measure of success. But, in case of lead generation, number of sign-ups, closures and average time to close can paint the real picture.
Content marketing is the sum total of a number of activities that take time to show results. As the old adage says, content marketing is a marathon and not a sprint race. Think content marketing as a timeless asset. What you create today on any platform is going to yield traction and leads for years to come.
We consistently accept new challenges and so far, we have delivered exceptional results for our worldwide clients in both B2B and B2C landscape. So, you can be rest assured about the results. All we need to do is a little brainstorming about your target audience, figure out a suitable buyer persona and then, you can get the results pouring in.
Yes. we have fostered concrete relationships with influential bloggers in leading segments and guest blogging is a strong pillar of our content marketing strategy. However, we always insist on forging true connections and won’t be disappointing you with black hat links to your business. Our outreach experts will drive the entire guest blogging strategy from start to finish.

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