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On Page SEO

Today, on-page site optimization is extremely crucial for your business as there are many factors that matter in rankings in Google. Our aim with all our on-page optimization techniques is to optimize the source content and the coding. We understand the search engine guidelines and implement techniques for the search engine spiders for maximizing the potential of your business. We have listed a few factors that we consider paramount in the process of on-page optimization.


We consider the concept of ‘content is king’ of supreme importance. After years of research and experience, we have come up with our services of content optimization services. We believe in giving the best optimized content on our clients’ websites, so that meaningful search engine results can be derived. Google wants original and fresh content, and we ensure the same is optimized.

Meta Description

We have always believed that Meta description is always vital for search engine rankings. Sheer combination of various keywords in description won’t help the rankings, but what are needed are meticulous calculations, and that’s what we do in our company for the best results.

Title Tags

Most SEO experts agree that the title tag is one of the most vital factors of on-page ranking. When a visitor looks for something, the title tag is the one that is displayed in the search results. Needless to mention, it is a critical that the title tag is well selected and optimized. We create titles with not more than 70 characters to ensure that the titles aren’t chopped off by Google.

Keyword Density

Enriching content with keywords that matter is an essential on-page technique of optimsation. What is essential is that the website should have content that’s not a string of keywords but meticulous positioning of content-specific keywords. All the web pages of a business website should only be optimized for single subject and associated keywords. We undertake this task of maintaining and optimizing keyword density.


The content of HTML tags must be structured appropriately, and the maintenance of the same is an essential part of on-page optimization. We can ensure that HTML tags are well constructed and optimized for content.


While the importance of graphics and flash based files cannot be ignored, it is essential that content with keywords are not hidden in the graphics. We undertake the task of naming and optimizing the file names of images and graphics, so that the best results are reaped.

File and Directory Names

Documents on a website must be uploaded with meaningful file name. The directory or file name should contain one keyword, so that the same can be targeted. We use this as a straightforward on-page optimization technique and ensure that the files names are best used in favor of getting rankings.

There are many other factors that we analyze and practice on our end, which includes:

  • Maintaining and optimizing URL Parameters
  • Maintaining The Internal Link Structure
  • Maintaining Outgoing Links
  • Usage Of The Most Appropriate Redirects
  • W3C Validation
  • Maintaining And Updating Sitemap


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