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The Most Trusted PPC Management Services in India

If you aim to reach the people interested in buying your products, then PPC is your ultimate route. Pay per click not only converts leads that are sales-ready but also helps in the branding of your company. ESEO is a reputed PPC services company in India with vast experience and a wide range of pay per click services.

Wide Range of ESEO Pay Per Click Services

ESEO offers a broad range of pay per click services in India which are listed below.

AdWords Campaign

The best and most effective paid advertising method nowadays is the Google AdWords campaign. Allow us to run Google AdWords for you and show how it can improve your ROI.

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are great for boosting conversions and also creating awareness about your business online. ESEO is all set to help your business grow.

Bing Ads

Even if you are not using Bing, other people are significantly using it. At ESEO, we can use Bing Ads, and its users for your PPC services.

LinkedIn Ads

In case, you want to generate business to business sales, then our LinkedIn Ads can be hugely useful. You can reach potential buyers with the help of these ads.

Facebook Ads

We will help your PPC with our Facebook ad packages to give you a bigger audience and better sales.

Pinterest Ads

ESEO intends to promote your business with the PPC ad service on Pinterest because this social media site has more than 2 billion monthly searches.


Immensely Targeted PPC Ads for Instant Sales Boost

Why should you hire ESEO for PPC Management Service?

Appropriate Keyword Research

Proper search of keywords is important for making the PPC campaign a success. ESEO experts are the best in searching for the perfect keywords.

Perfect Ad Copy

Ad copies are instrumental in creating an impact on the conversion rates. The teams at ESEO have the best copywriters, who can create immaculate advertisement copies for improving the conversions.

Deep Tracking

ESEO has experts on their team who can deep track and ensure that your return on investment is maximised. We are committed to ensuring your success in PPC campaigns.

Complete Transparency

ESEO offers complete transparency while working on your PPC campaigns. We will constantly you update you about the campaign developments.

Customised Packages

We, at ESEO, understand that every client’s needs are different. So, we create customised PPC packages without the obligation of a minimum budget.

Project Manager

Each of ESEO’s PPC projects is headed by an experienced manager to ensure seamless communication and high-end service. You will get a dedicated manager to completely guide your campaign.

Display advertising

We build highly targeted display campaigns to increase brand exposure in a cost-effective manner.

Paid search

With our paid search campaigns, your business will gain instant traffic, consistent visibility, and improved conversion rates.

Media buy

Our PPC experts specialize in negotiation with media channels to help you advertise for targeted traffic at cost-effective prices.

Social media ads

We develop, implement and modify social media ad campaigns for you to gain untapped traffic from different platforms.

Grow your business with our PPC management

We offer comprehensive PPC services for your business model. Our experts sit with your stakeholders to understand short-term and long-term business goals. Utilizing that, we work on different aspects of PPC such as account auditing, keyword research, competitor analysis, and bid optimization. We also ensure quality writing of Ad copy to ensure maximum results. Our professionals work on campaign handling and expansion and provide the results in the form of visualized reports to help your business grow.

Benefits you gain with our PPC services

With ESEO Solutions, you can run targeted PPC campaigns and learn how your audiences think. We provide better control over PPC campaigns and their results with our consistent efforts.

Quick results

  • Faster strategy development
  • Convenient execution of PPC campaigns
  • Immediate traffic and sales results
  • Repeatability of campaigns

Cost-effective PPC

  • Flexible ad budgets
  • Ability to find relevant traffic
  • High returns on investment
  • PPC experts to ensure success

Increased conversions

  • Fine-tuned PPC strategies
  • Attractive ad copies
  • Relevant people on your pages
  • Improved conversion rates

Huge market visibility

  • Increased presence in the existing market
  • Ability to find new markets
  • Enhance business exposure
  • Improve brand power

Why should you hire ESEO for PPC Management Service?

What are the benefits of PPC management?

Pay-per-click is the best way of boosting sales and that too fast. PPC marketing can be tracked and measured. You are in total control of the marketing means and the budget for the same. The amount of targeting options available with such a campaign is huge and the results are also prompt. If you want to know more about growing your business through PPC campaigns just call us. A toggle box content area

How long before I can see the results?

Pay-per-click is likely to offers results whether it is Google AdWords or Facebook advertising. Therefore, the results will be available right after the PPC campaign starts. The campaign report is an informative piece which informs about the conversion, leads, CTR, and more. Call us for the lowest rates in conversion-based AdWords Management Service.

Will my campaign report be shared with me?

Of course, the campaign reports will be shared with you. We believe in complete transparency in everything relating to the progress of the PPC campaign. We have a dedicated manager to answer all your queries.

How will be the communication process?

At ESEO, we believe and practice in fast and seamless communication only. You will be assigned a dedicated PPC manager, who will connect with you over chat/phone/Skype, etc. We will try to give prompt reply to your queries. You can ask for a call back for more details.

Will you manage my account as well as suggest strategies?

As one of the notable companies offering PPC campaigns, we will manage your account and also help in improving your Return on Investment. Thousands of companies have benefitted by our pay-per-click strategies and boosted their business and return on investments.

What kind of money should be spent on PPC?

The entire amount that has to be spent depends on your business goals. Ideally, the budget for PPC should be divided into different channels for best results. It would not be proper to invest the whole money on a single platform. Call us if you want to hire the best company offering PPC services.

Which should I choose, Facebook Ads or Google AdWords?

The answer to this depends on your audience. If they are more active on Facebook, then continuing ads there will bear good results. Yet again, since most people look for answers in Google you can also go with Google AdWords for better results. You can also use different channels for diversifying your budget. To opt for Google AdWords Management Services call ESEO now.

Will my Google quality score be managed?

The Google quality score is affected directly by the ad relevance along with the keyword. Google will also take into consideration your ads click-through rate and the previous performance of your account. Be rest assured, we, at ESEO, have run plenty of PPC campaigns and know well how to increase the quality score.

Have you done PPC campaign for any other client in my industrial domain?

ESEO has an entire team of experience PPC experts who have previously worked with clients from different sectors like E-commerce, IT, fashion, and more. You can be assured that we will create customised pay-per-click marketing strategies for our valued customers depending on the business and its requirements.

Will there be NDA agreement?

We are a reputed Indian company and will not share any of our client’s data with a third-party without your permission. We can always sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients. Our employees are also instructed to abide by the rule. Call ESEO now to hire the best PPC service provider.

Have a strong PPC campaign with us!

We are here to develop PPC campaigns and manage your on-going PPC campaigns. Let us be the solution you have been looking for. Contact now to discuss your advertising requirements and desired budget. Our experts will answer all your questions. 


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  • Highly recommend. After working with Eseo teams i have to say Eseo stand out as the best by a mile. Professional and quick response team!!!

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    Ameesh Kanwar
  • They give results in very minimal time. Their SEO and SMO team are dedicated to deliver result. They communicate well, work on feedback right away. I am fully satisfied with their services.

    Sanjeev Gupta
  • Best company to associate with. Team at Eseo is very passionate about their work. They deliver result within the given time. I am happy with their service. Highly recommended

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  • Very professional. Always deliver on time. ESEO team is also very forward in all communications. They also take all feedback and execute on it. I would highly recommend them.

    Arvind Batra
  • ESEO Solution is our best SEO partner since a long time. Team has been handling our all SEO activities. We are proud to have such SEO partners. Thanks a lot team.

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